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Billy Walters Sports Betting

Billy Walters is famous for many things, but being a sports bettor many people fear is probably the most crucial ingredient to his brand. Naturally enough, Billy is stationed in Nevada — and for obvious reasons. It is the only state in the USA where sports betting is entirely legal, and it’s just what Billy needed.

His first sports betting experience was when he was only 9. The first money he earned he decided to bet on New York Yankees in their game against Brooklyn Dodgers. This was in 1955, and although he lost all the money he decided to bet, Walters didn’t give up. By the time he was 25, Walters had lost nearly $50,000 — which is a hefty sum of money.

Even though Walters didn’t play at real money casinos, he continued to lose everything he owned (including two houses) being obsessed with sports betting. And Billy knew that he needed to go on if he wished to turn his luck around. And that is precisely what happened once he reached the thirties — Walters started to win big.

Today, the “Billy Walters betting technique” is an actual sports betting method. Sometime in the 1980s, Billy joined the Computer Group. The group uses computers and programs to analyze the outcome of sports games. It takes into calculation nearly everything — the playing teams, the stadium, the weather, and the skill of the players. Thanks to this, Walters and his team continued to win regularly.

In his 60 minutes interview, Walters decided to let the public into his house by showing exactly how he bets on sports. Here’s what he does differently from others — he doesn’t bet himself, at least not directly. He bets on NSL regularly, but he is always in his mansion in front of the screens while other people bet for him. He updates these people via headset and directs them to do exactly what he thinks is the best choice at a given moment. Either way, when it comes to sports betting, Billy Walters is the man that you can learn the most from.

His friends and colleagues explain how he is a shark in Nevada, and how bookmakers are afraid of letting him play. He always wins. This doesn’t really present an issue for Walters as he has established his own sportsbook that he operates successfully.

Unfortunately, Walters is currently serving his time in the Pensacola Federal Prison, and he is to remain there until 2022. This doesn’t mean he has stopped betting — he has far too many people who do it for him. One can easily conclude that even though he is in prison, Walters’ riches are probably still piling up. Isn’t this something we can all expect from a legend of his kin?

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