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Billy Walters Net Worth

Billy Walters is one of the richest gamblers in the world, and when it comes to sports betting, he is a man to be feared, especially with his net worth estimates.
He was born in a family of true gamblers who were fond of poker. Of course, then it was hard to imagine how many poker variations and
Android real money slots will appear in the near future and will be available online. Back at that time, people enjoyed brick-and-mortar venues and spent time playing at home with their friends. Billy’s dad and uncle were the very people who inspired the future millionaire to get into gambling.

Billy Walters Gambler Net Worth

Many refer to him as the greatest sports bettor to ever walk this planet. For reasons like these and his continuous winnings, Billy is one of the wealthiest gamblers to walk this planet.

Walters’ net worth is currently estimated to be over the outstanding $220 million.

And if you’re still wondering how much Billy Walters is worth with the rest of his assets, you can freely add a couple of more millions. He is a proud owner of a private jet worth over $20 million, and he owns seven houses. Each one of them costs at least a couple of millions on the real estate market — not bad for a professional gambler.

Nearly all of Billy Walters’ net worth comes from gambling, although he did win quite some money from golf — his favorite sport. He invests a lot into charity organizations and organizations that help people with special needs. If you put it all together, you will realize that Walters is a very wealthy man, probably among the wealthiest gamblers in the world.

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  1. I’ve read a lot about Billy Walters, and I know that betting got him filthy rich. But I must say that the $220-million net worth astonished me. To think that one man earned hundreds of millions by gambling on sports is crazy. Though, the great thing is that Billy gives back some portion of his wealth to the community. Good for you, Billy!

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