The Man Behind the Mask Billy Walters

Billy Walters Biography and Personal life

Everyone knows who William Billy Walters is — one of the most fearsome gamblers in the world. He has gambled since he was only a kid, and he has built quite a career for himself that nearly everyone is fully aware of. But what we know about Billy is only what he allows us to know — is he really this intimidating gambler behind the closed doors?

At this moment, Walters is serving his time in a Federal Prison of Pensacola, and for this, people deem him a criminal. Although Billy has done some infamous things in his past, it would be wise to look back and see all the good things he has done for other people. To some people, Billy Walters is a living legend, and to others, he’s just a notorious gambler. But behind all of this is a generous and intelligent man. Here is a short Billy Walters biography for you.

How old is Billy Walters?

The question I get the most is “how old is Billy Walters?” The man has gambled his entire life, and for this reason, people believe he is ancient. Billy is currently 72 — he was born in 1946, on July the 15th. He is most famous for having a winning streak that didn’t last only a couple of hours or days — his winning streak lasted nearly 3 decades. Thanks to his age and long history, Billy has done more for others than we know.

Billy’s Bio

Walters was only 9 years old when he gambled for the first time in his life. Believe it or not, the state of his family was the perfect ground that would give birth to a genius gambler. Unfortunately, his mother was an alcoholic, so his grandmother took care of him most of the time. His father, on the other hand, was a gambler — and quite an avid one as well. This situation pushed him into situations a child should in no way encounter — but it all shaped him into the man he is today.

Billy Walters family

Billy’s first wife left him because he gambled away their home far too many times — and his second wife followed suit. He was never really homeless, but he did pay the mortgage for quite some time and barely got out of the tricky situations he was in. Although he went through some turbulent times, Billy got a son in the middle of it all — someone he dedicated his entire life to.

Today, Walters is one of the wealthiest gamblers ever. He owns a private jet, a luxurious house (actually a couple of them), and he is still a family man at heart. But Billy isn’t only a gambler — he has always shown great passion for cars. Hence why he has his own car dealership that works pretty successfully. And if you’re wondering where Billy Walters was born, you’ll be surprised that it wasn’t anywhere near Las Vegas. He was born in a small town of Munfordville, in Kentucky.

Sadly, Billy’s son had a brain tumor as a kid, and they had to either remove half of his bran or let him pass away. Billy and his then-wife decided to go with the first option. It is for this reason that Billy now invests millions in Opportunity Village. This is an institution that gives people with disabilities the opportunity and the skills to get a decent job. The founder of the organization, Ms. Linda, claims he is their angel and their champion.

Now you know that Billy is just your next-door neighbor — he’s got the flaws and virtues of any average person. He teaches us that being a gambler means much more than merely winning and losing — it takes personality and strength. But most importantly, it means giving back what you won in order to win even more.

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