Billy Walters 60 Minutes Interview

Billy Walters 60 Minutes Interview

Billy Walters is one of the most famous and powerful sports bettors and gamblers ever. As such, he never allowed people to find out what’s happening in his life; especially the way he gambles and wins.

In 2011, a famous South African journalist, Lara Logan, got an opportunity many journalists can only dream of. She got to interview the most secretive and mysterious gamblers in the world. In the Billy Walters 60 minutes interview edition, him and Lara are finally opening the door into his private life.

In this interview, Billy tells the story of his life, how he started his business and all the hustle he has been through in order to make it big. The video also shows a different side to him, the softer version of Walters where he travels by plane with his wife and enjoys some free time. It also shows off his humanitarian side, where he takes Lara to his favorite charity organization, the Opportunity Village.

The interview stars special guests, such as his closest friends and business partners who explain just how big and dangerous Billy is to his competition. If you’re a big fan of Walters, and if you always wanted to know what’s happening behind the scene, I advise you look up the video of the interview.

Billy Walters 60 minutes full video

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